College Football LIVE Thursday - Instant Analysis / EP 1918

August 31, 2018

Instant Analysis is back on MarkRogersTV! Mark takes on opening night featuring Northwestern's win at Purdue 31-27, as well as Wake Forest's overtime victory at Tulane, UCF's demolition of UConn, Minnesota's home rout of New Mexico State, and Trayveon Williams' big night in Jimbo Fisher's debut as Texas A&M dismantled Northwestern State 59-7. Video version at

Michigan State Still Plays the Underdog Role - College Football Prediction / EP 1917

August 30, 2018

MarkRogersTV is previewing every Power 5 team with predictions. Next up: Michigan State. Video version at

College Football LIVE Thursday - Viewer Mail / EP 1916

August 30, 2018

MarkRogersTV takes on the love and the hate that is sure to come from the mailbag. Video version at

Clemson Tigers to Become Gold Standard? - College Football Prediction / EP 1915

August 29, 2018

MarkRogersTV talks Clemson Tigers and predicts the final record and outcome for a team that has made three consecutive College Football Playoffs. Video version at

Florida State Going Willie’s Way - College Football Prediction / EP 1914

August 29, 2018

MarkRogersTV takes aim at the Willie Taggart way at Florida State to see if it takes hold in Year 1. All the college football season predictions & previews are at

Can’t Dismiss TCU - College Football Prediction / EP 1913

August 29, 2018

MarkRogersTV continues his predictions of every team in the Power 5. Catch all the previews at

SEC Football Talk with Peter Burns, SEC Network / EP 1912

August 29, 2018

MarkRogersTV welcomes SEC host Peter Burns to discuss SEC storylines with the season just two days away. Video version at

Charlie Strong Interview - South Florida Bulls Head Coach / EP 1911

August 29, 2018

MarkRogersTV sits down with Charlie Strong, coming off an 11-2 first season at South Florida, to discuss the challenges of 2018. Video version at

Oklahoma Sooners Still Big 12 King? - College Football Prediction / EP 1910

August 27, 2018

MarkRogersTV is predicting the final record for every team in the Power 5. Oklahoma is next. Are the Sooners still the best of the Big 12? Video version of all the previews at

Texas Back on Top in Big 12? - College Football Prediction / EP 1909

August 27, 2018

MarkRogersTV is taking on every team in the Power 5. Texas is next. Will the Longhorns reclaim past glory? Video version at